Dublin, The City the Kicked Us In The Pants!

OK, technically I’m back in the states. The wifi that was widely advertised throughout the last week I was in Ireland tended to be one bar of service in the corner of a hotel lobby, one bar that I could only get if twisted into some insane yoga move laptop in air. Many thanks to Kristin for not only keeping everything going here at BonBon Rose while I was taking in the sights, but also managing a complete site redesign. She’s officially my superwoman! Not wanting to leave you in the dark about the rest of my Ireland adventure I have three more posts with details. So….

The last time I left you I was leaving Belfast and headed to Dublin. And what a drive that was. For those of you in the Northeast, the drive was the equivalent of the New Jersey Turnpike without the glory of a Roy Rogers. But we managed, and after circling around and around searching for nonexistent street signs, somehow found our hotel. The hotel seemed a bit dated and I was a little grossed out by the comforter straight from the 1800’s but I was willing to overlook it cuz hey, we’re in Dublin! We then went out for a great dinner and hit up two pubs.

The first had live traditional Irish music where we got to sing and clap along. The second we just wandered into and was a local pub with a guy playing and singing more contemporary music like Oasis and Maroon 5. He was great and we continued to dance and sing the night away. At about midnight we headed back to the hotel since we had a huge itinerary to tackle the next day. As we got closer to the hotel we started noticing large lines of college students in mini-skirts outside. Not really thinking much about it, I found my way to my room, brushed my teeth, threw on PJs and got into the very suspicious looking bed.

Once in bed with the lights on you would have thought that whole room was shaking and it was daylight out. It then dawned on me what was going on. Our hotel was attached to a night club. Lights were shining on the building and apparently it was the first day back to school for college students. You can only imagine how college students in Dublin party. Hard. So at about 5:30 I finally managed to drift to sleep for 2 hours.








I managed to rally and coffee in hand, we took in sights that included the mummies at St. Michan’s (they are totally rad and anyone headed to Dublin HAS to check out this hidden gem! They actually let you touch the mummies, that would never happen in the US! Unfortuantely pictures are not allowed), The Guinness Factory which while touristy, has a pint of Guinness and a killer view of the city at the end, and a few others. I basically was a walking zombie but you only live once so I somehow also managed to squeeze in another dinner and night of pubs.

Now utterly exhausted with a new room on the other side of the hotel I was determined that there was no way I was going to miss out on sleep. I now enter the second hotel room complete with second suspect comforter and hear what sounds like a roar of voices. Turns out in addition to a club, the hotel also has a beer garden that stretches to the back of the hotel. Right outside our window. The good news is that it was dark and I fell asleep much easier but the bad news is that this time the friends we were traveling with were the victims of a sleepless night. The front desk’s solution for them was to send up ear plugs!

Never have I been so happy to check out of a hotel! Luckily we were headed to Killkenny and we all agreed that while we had fun in Dublin, the sleepless nights and bad lodging totally put a wet damper on our moods. There was a lot of hand waving and happiness as we kissed Dublin good-bye in the rear view mirror!

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