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How to Dye Pretty Easter Eggs

I can hardly believe it, but it’s officially time to pull out the Easter decorations and get the house really ready for Spring. And with that come a few time honored traditions that I just love. Of course, first and foremost, is dyeing real easter eggs. That’s right. No plastic eggs here. We dye and hide the real deal! And they also make for the loveliest centerpieces stacked in a bowl on a bed of pretty paper grass. While I love the cute eggs the kids make I also like to go a little outside the box with my egg decorating. So I thought I would share an easy way on how to dye pretty Easter eggs. Have fun!

How to Dye Pretty Easter Eggs Pin

How To Dye Pretty Easter Eggs

Step 1. Ok, the first step is to make sure you buy white eggs. I have made the mistake more than once of opening the fridge to only find brown eggs. Major mom fail! Once you have the white eggs hard boil them and let them cool. I typically do this the day or evening before since it always take longer to let them cool than I remember.

Step 2. Using painters tape, washi tape or even electrical tape create the pattern that you love on the eggs. I love chevron so I tend to go for a chevron pattern but you can let your creative juices flow. Stripes, zig zags, anything goes!

Step 3. Using a store bought dye kit, dye the eggs. Remember using a vinegar and water mixture will allow for more vibrant colors. Using water only will give you more pastel colors like the colors I have here.

Step 4. Let the eggs dry on a drying rack or in a muffin tin. Once dry remove the tape and VOILA! you can see the designs you made.

And that’s how to dye pretty Easter eggs! Not hard at all and it makes such a fun and impressive display. This is also a great family activity for older kids who are patient enough to make designs and get into it.

Pretty Easter EggsPretty Eggs from Above Pretty Easter Egg Close Up

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Chevron Easter Egg Pin

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