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Easy DIY Halloween Costume: Udderly Adorable Cow

Happy Friday Eve lovelies! Jessica here… It feels so great to be back at BonBon Rose Girls! There has been a new addition to my little world since the last time I was here… And that is my sweet lil’ bubba. It is hard to believe he will be 6 months old in just a few days! We are having the best time with him and are beyond excited for all his first holidays this year! Halloween is my husband’s absolute favorite holiday and he has been looking forward to dressing up like a family for months! We started out going the route of looking for baby costumes at the local Halloween pop-up shops as well, as in baby clothing departments at stores around town. I found, however, that the majority of the costumes were bulky plush costumes that are similar to wearing a stuffed animal!


Those adorable costumes are not a reality in the Florida heat, so I decided to make his first Halloween costume. I immediately hit what I like to call the Google for Mommy…AKA Pinterest. HA! There were tons of family costume ideas, but nothing seemed to quite fit. I glanced over at my baby boy who was lounging on his black and white polka-dot boppy while watching a farm themed Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode and sucking on his beloved and most favorite WubbaNub – a cow… and VOILA! I had it!

Daddy a farmer, Mommy’s a scarecrow, and Baby…a cow of course! Daddy and Mommy’s costumes will be super easy as we have them in stock already. We are recycling jean overalls from a costume my husband wore a few years ago and partnering them with a plaid shirt, straw cowboy hat and work boots. For my scarecrow costume, I am wearing skinny jeans, cowboy boots, a plaid shirt, and a straw cowboy – all from my closet! I will accessorize with some straw in the pockets and makeup for the nose and stitching on my face. Done! But the baby cow costume is what I had most fun with!

I found some great ideas via Pinterest and the best was how to make the udder! I wish I could credit the original Mama who made the costume, however, the pin I found was for a picture only – no site attached. Le sigh. I received a cow print onesie and hat at my baby shower and decided to decorate that. If you don’t have one in stock (What don’t we all have cow print in stock? HA!) you can order a similar one off Amazon or you can take a plain white onesie and hat and cut out and attach black felt spots for the cow print.


I then headed to Michael’s and picked up 1 sheet of pink felt, 1 sheet of cow print felt, 1 sheet of black felt (if you are making spots get 4 sheets), a strip of black fur embellishment, and a package of googley eyes. I stopped at JoAnn’s Fabrics for stitchery witchery (which is definitely an option for attaching the ears, tail, and pink utter, however, I ended up using a hot glue gun instead). Finally, I picked up brown Gerber nipples from WalMart. (Not gonna lie… The nipples make the costume!)

Steps for your Udderly Adorable Cow:

1) As mentioned above, I scratched the stitchery witchery last minute and went simple and quick with my hot glue gun instead. To prevent melting the fabric together, due to the heat, I cut paper plates in half and put them inside of the hat and onesie.


2) Cut 1 long strip of the cow print felt for the tail (length is based on preference and baby’s size).

3) Cut 2 inches of black fur. Fold in half. Hot glue around bottom of cow print felt strip.

4) Hot glue tail to middle of bum in the back. I lined it up where the top of his diaper line would be.


5) Cut a long oval out of the pink felt. Hot glue 4 nipples in the middle.


6) Hot glue oval to center of front of the onesie. I would recommend gluing it from the chest down (not close to the neckline as I did not want the nipples to be bothersome to my lil bubba).


7) Cut a mid-sized ovalish shape out of the pink felt again. This will be the nose. I googled baby cow hats first and based my shape off of google images. It worked perfectly!

8) Cut 2 small circles out of the black felt for nostrils.

9) Cut small black circles to the top of the pink nose. Gluing them close to the top will look
cow-like. If you center them you will have a piggy! HA!

10) Hot glue nose centered on hat not too far above the bottom of the hat.

11) Hot glue 2 googley eyes above nose.

12) Cut longish ovals out of cow print felt. Cut small shape, but smaller out of pink felt.

13) Hot glue pink ovals on cow print ovals.

14) Hot glue ears to sides of hat.

15) Sit back and laugh at the UDDERLY adorable cow you have!


I must admit this was too much fun and I was very proud of this super low cost DIY Halloween costume which only took me about 20 minutes to make! My husband and I are so looking forward to our first year trick or treating as a family! As we head out with our little moo cow we wish you each a wonderful Halloween! BOO TO YOU!


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