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Easy to Use Eye Treatments

eye treatments

The owners at ToGoSpa must have read my mind… An easy to use amazing eye treatment? As soon as I tried the Eyes by ToGoSpa eye treatments that were sent to me, I was sold. I was given the Green Tea as well as the Ice Water formulas to review. The Green Tea formula is most definitely my favorite of the two because it not only hydrates, but de-puffs the eye area while the Ice water formula will soothe and calm. Both formulas contain Collagen, Aloe, Amino Acids, Red Seaweed Plant and vitamins.

eye treatements

Here’s a breakdown on what I loved about ToGoSpa’s gel pads:

  • They’re super convenient! They come packaged in single serving sizes! No bulky containers to deal with.
  • So quick! The suggested wear time is 15-20 minutes.
  • The Green Tea formula will de-puff and hydrate the eye area. Two very necessary solutions if you’re low on sleep or feeling under the weather!
  • Travel sized perfection! Throw a few of these in your carry on. You can even wear them en route to your destination. The gel pads are clear and in conspicuous.
  • You can chill these in the refrigerator for extra tired eyes ( perfect for a Monday morning!)
  • Overall, these are a beauty must have! Head on over to to pick up your own. Have any of you ladies tried an eye treatment you absolutely loved?

Disclosure: We were provided samples for purposes of review, but the opinions expressed are our own.


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