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Easy Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special

Easy Valentine's Day

Ok here’s the deal. For most of the US its gonna get real cold this weekend. I believe even Kristin might see temperatures in Florida that dip down into the (gasp!) 50’s. I know, I know, hard to empathize when the rest of us are hitting single digits but to them that feels really cold! I’m already the kind of gal that prefers a low key Valentine’s Day celebration whether it be a group of girls singing karaoke, a date with the husband, or a party at the house. Seeing the number 9 on my Saturday night forecast doesn’t exactly compel me to get out there. More power to those who do!

Instead I’m going to dress up our evening with some fun food and friends. I don’t have a lot of prep time (sadly infants don’t sit back and watch while you prepare a multi-course meal, humpf!) so I’m hitting up some of our old posts for quick prep inspiration and thought I’d share them with you. You know, in case you get a whim to do something and need a quick idea that requires only one “freezing your pants off” trip to the grocery store. Here are three of my easy favorites:

1. Sweet champagne cocktails
2. Easy No-Cook Appetizers including this shrimp cocktail
3. Delicious no-fail trifle

Enjoy and stay warm lovelies!



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