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Ethic, Jewelry that Makes a Difference

Ethic JewelryI’m pretty sure that if you are like me, you might just have a fondness for accessories. Its rare I leave the house without throwing on some cute necklace or ring as I rush out the door.

When I find a jewelry company or brand that I love, I just feel obligated to share. After all, you are my girls (insert any Beyonce dancing image)!

In December, I went to a jewelry party at a friends house. But this was a different type of jewelry. It was Ethic. I didn’t know much about the jewelry or what to expect but I was looking forward to catching up and a night relaxing.

Ethic Cuff BraceletWell I immediately loved the jewelry. I often would describe my style as pretty preppy with a twinge of edge. Often an accessory or shoe is just a little edgy and fun. Ethic fit right in with that and I started trying it ALL on and deciding what I would gift vs. keep.

And then I found out more about the company. Ladies, this is such an awesome mission that if you like this jewelry vibe I highly encourage you to purchase and feel really, really good about it. The jewelry is made in Ethiopia by over 100 HIV positive women. This jewelry lets them work and have a life that would otherwise be hard for them to find.

The raw materials consist of thread from recycled tires, and bullet casings from former war conflict areas in east Africa. The casings are repurposed by being melted and handcrafted into beads by local farmers. As someone who really feels the plight of people having to live in violent or war torn countries, knowing that these casings are given a new positive light makes me feel hopeful.

Ethic Jewelry Tassel Necklace

I love knowing that my money is going to something positive, like Ethic, and that as I wear the jewelry around town, I also get to spread the story. Here’s to helping others and supporting local artisans and good causes!

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I just really love my Ethic goods and want to share the good stuff!


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