Fall Love With A Red and Leopard Sweater

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling the fall love lately and nothing shows that more than this fun red and leopard sweater. October means fully indulging in cooler temps, my beloved PSL and of course cute fall fashion!

Leopard and Red Sweater Look

I love sweater weather and typically that might mean rich colors such as jewel tones and browns. But when I spotted this cashmere sweater I fell in love. No pun intended! A bright pop of color and a leopard print heart make this sweater seriously stand out. Whenever I wear it, it gets a ton of positive comments. I think people just feel happy seeing a big ol’ leopard print heart, ha! 

Red and Leopard Sweater

Sweater / Pants / Wedge Boots / Black Bag

Heart Cashmere Sweater

And, of course, styling this red and leopard sweater was pretty simple. That’s just how we like it around here. Easy peasy! The black pants perfectly pick up the black leopard spots in the sweater. To give the whole look a fun on-the-go vibe, I opted for a pair of black wedge booties. I recently picked these boots up at Nordstrom and know they will get so much wear throughout the fall through winter. I love all my heeled boots, but my day-to-day life has become way more casual so wedges and flats work great. 

Red and Leopard SweaterWhen a sweater brings this kind of belly laugh out of you, you know its a keeper! Life has felt a little overwhelming lately. I always thought the kids getting older would make things simpler. I’m realizing that while they may be less physically demanding, their needs have become so much more mentally and emotionally demanding.

And while overall everything is going well, it’s just been a lot each and every. So, a moment captured in a photo that reflects this much joy feels special. I hope you are all experiencing more of these moments in your lives too. And hey, if it takes a sweater and a PSL on a fall day to bring it out, so be it girl. Go get yourself the goods! There will never be shame in our fall game right?!

Laughing on a dock 

More Fall Style Inspiration

And since I know you fellow fall fashion lovers won’t want to stop here with this look, I linked up some more of my favorite fall outfits, as well as some great fall finds from TheBeauty Blotter that I recently came across. She shared some animal print heels that I just have to have! Because we all know that there is no such thing as too much when it comes to animal prints. Haha! And there’s also no such thing as too many great deals. Bring ’em on!

So, go forth and pick up some new fall fashion my friends. It’s the perfect pick me up! Well, that and the PSL I previously mentioned of course. Bwah!

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