Fall Wine Bar Featuring Hearth & Hand

Hi, my name is Kristin and I love everything Joanna Gaines touches. I know some may be over rubbed oil bronze, farmhouse sinks and shiplap, but I am not one of those girls. I just love the cozy, homey spaces that Joanna designs on Fixer Upper, so I, of course, had to head right out this weekend when the Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Collection launched at Target! It was a busy scene at Target, so I didn’t get all the items on my wish list, but that’s what my online cart is for. Haha! I did manage, however, to snag a few things in person and they’re all pieces. I’ll be able to use them not only in my seasonal decorating, but all year long. Since moving into our new house, I’ve been working on our farmhouse vibe and my new Hearth & Hand with Magnolia scores will definitely fit in nicely with that aesthetic! Plus, the were perfect for today’s topic at hand…Styling a fall wine bar!

Fall Wine Bar

heart and hand

As I mentioned, for my first attempt at featuring my new Hearh & Hand finds, I decided to throw together a little fall wine bar with some pieces that were already in our family’s decorating reserves. You can whip up a little setup like this to make an everyday movie night at home with your honey special. You could also use it for more formal gatherings like a fall dinner party or even your Thanksgiving celebration! So, you’re probably wondering which of the Gaines’ designs, I went for. Well, I picked up a darling brass bell, wooden nesting houses (which I’ll also be sharing very soon) and a galvanized container candle that smells just incredible by the way…Sugar Birch is awfully my new favorite scent!

brass bell

fall wine bar

Styling Hearth & Hand

So, here’s how I put together my mini fall wine bar. I started with a runner. I have runners for every season. It’s an easy way to dress up a table without having to go full on tablecloth with it. Next I added a rustic wooden sign, flowers, then my brass bell and galvanized candle. They went perfectly with a galvanized try and wine bucket, along with gold tone wine glasses and a velvet pumpkin (Is anyone else totally obsessed with velvet pumpkins or is it just a Southern thing? But I digress…). All the fall colors blended beautifully together and certainly made this girl want to pour a nice glass of vino. Haha! And while I loved including my Heart & Hand finds in my fall wine bar, I already have holiday plans for them too! I’m seeing that bell and candle nestled amongst greenery…

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