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Falling for Fallingwater

Ever get that feeling where you are just itchin’ to get away?  Well, that’s just what Floyd and I did last weekend when he surprised me with a mini-road trip up to Pennsylvania to see Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘Fallingwater’ house in the Allegheny Mountains.  This house has been calling to me for years and finally we made the trek to see this architectural masterpiece.

What really moved me about this place was how it was designed to blend into the surrounding nature, a style called Organic Architecture.  You can see from Floyd’s photos how the water runs right under the house and the structure is built into the mountain itself.  Truly amazing.  They didn’t let us take pictures inside, but the decor was equally impressive as it also seemed to blend in with its surroundings.  Built in the 1930’s, Wright was truly ahead of his time.

I was definitely thinking about how I could incorporate more nature in my own decorating!

Fallingwater is about 4 hours away from Annapolis in a pretty rural area, so we hit the road on Saturday and Floyd had made arrangements for us to stay at the Paddler’s Lane Bed and Breakfast.  While charming, we definitely got a taste for country life as we might have had a bit of a “bat incident”. Just as we were settling into a good ol’ game of Monopoly by the fireplace, a dark winged creature flew over my head.  I of course freaked out “city style” and dove for the ground scattering pieces everywhere.  Luckily Floyd remained calm and managed to capture and release the bat outside.  We had a good laugh afterward and let the good times continue.  I mean, now we have a great side story about our adventure!  Oh, and it was a train town so trains were just constantly passing through.  I actually loved the trains and was constantly trying to run and pose in front of them.  I’m sure those conductors got a chuckle!

I can’t wait for my next weekend adventure!  Any good suggestions?
Megan Yarmuth

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