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Holiday Shoe Favorite: Festive Flats

Welcome back to another fun filled Moms Do Holiday Style day. We’ve teamed up with Victoria from The Mummy Chronicles and Kristin from Taz+Belly today, so make sure you head over to see their holiday outfits when you’re done here. And in case you haven’t already, don’t forget to enter our $250 Nordstrom Gift card giveaway! Now let’s get down to business…Let’s talk festive flats!

festive flats

In year’s past my go-to holiday shoes would always have been heels…always. But six months of intensive rehab for a knee injury has me rethinking my heels wearin’ ways. That’s not to say that I’ve totally given up on them…I haven’t. I’m  just not rockin’ them as often as I once did. And I’ve come around to my husbands way of thinking…For him, flats trump heels any day. I mean they ARE much more comfortable. A woman who feels great and walks with confidence is much sexier than one who’s hobbling around in discomfort. Not that our goal in life should be to be sexy…but I like to feel fabulous when I head out on a date night with my honey! Just sayin’.

holiday style look

bold statement necklace

red flats outfit

photos via Marissa Stratton Photography

This year, these red flats that I scored at J. Jill have been getting a lot of wear…and that goes all the way back to early fall. You may remember when I rocked them as part of a Panama hat look in September. Well, I’ve found that they had plenty of life in them long past fall. They’ve graced more than one of my holiday outfits this season…including today’s featured look. For my latest date night outfit, I decided to sport a super comfy grey knit dress with a statement necklace and my festive flats. Easy peazy! My particular pair of red flats is sold out, but you can find a similar pair at Nordstrom. Date night doesn’t get any easier than that. Am I right?

So, now that you’ve seen what I’ve been wearing, head on over and pay a visit to Victoria and Kristin!

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  1. Lorena says

    I had no idea J.Jill made shoes too ! I’ve always thought grey and red are a marvellous twist to the classic red and black combo, this outfit is proof.

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