Flytographer Review: How To Get Family Vacation Photos

Vacation can be a great time to capture family photos but often finding the photographer is an ordeal. This Flytographer review highlights the pros and cons of how we used this service on our recent family trip to Italy.

Flyotgrapher in Venice Italy

First off let me say that this is not a sponsored post. Flytographer has no idea that I’m writing this Flytographer review. I just wanted to share and reflect on our own experience.

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When planning our family dream trip to Italy I knew I wanted to capture the experience with family photos. Our trip was two weeks long and we were visiting several locations and cities throughout Italy. We had some friends and family that were coming and going throughout the two weeks and overall a pretty jam-packed schedule.

To keep it simple I opted to take photos when it was just my family and my Mom. I really wanted to capture combinations of all of us to have together. We chose a rare free day towards the end of our trip in Venice. We knew that it would make a dramatic backdrop that was iconic!

Booking Our Flytographer

Flytographer Website Image

Once I knew the date and city, I went onto the Flytographer website. I was able to search by city (almost every major city in the world is available!) and had seven local photographers to choose from. Each photographer had a portfolio of photos to look through. I selected my photographer, Olga, because she had several family photos that looked like they fit my style. I filled out a few questions about what I was looking for in a photoshoot and then had the option to request our date with her.

Within a day I heard back that Olga was available and would love to work with us. She asked where were staying and picked a nearby meeting spot and suggested time. It was a set price of $325 for a 60 minute session and 30 photos that I paid through the website and was all very easy to coordinate.

A few days prior to our shoot, Olga and I were connected through Whatsapp. I use Whatsapp for messaging a lot when I travel international and its pretty standard and easier than email when on the road. We were all set and I knew without a doubt that Olga would meet us at the arranged spot.

Our Flytographer Photoshoot

Family Flyotgrapher Review in Venice Italy

When the day came, it was hot. Ok our entire trip was HOT! There was a massive heat wave going through Europe and I was the smart one (insert eye rolls) that was touring churches and museums with two small sweaty boys. Luckily, due to Olga’s suggested time the sun was setting so at least it wasn’t glaring overhead but you just can’t imagine how oppressive this heat was. We got all dressed up and I even went with the shorts back-up plan for my youngest. We Moms have to learn what battles to pick. Pants and a button down on my 4-year-old wasn’t making the battle list. We had a stroller, waters, and towel to wipe of our sweat.

Mother and children smiling on stairs

We met Olga and my kids melted down. Like refused to take a photo. Hello all my nightmares coming to life! Luckily Olga seemed unfazed and she moved us to a shadier location. I promptly promised toys from Target once we made it back home and everyone relaxed a bit.

Kid in Venice, Italy

Kid playing in Venice fountain

Over the next hour, Olga walked us through the back canals of Venice stopping to take photos along the way. At about 40 minutes when the heat once again got the grumpy attitudes out of my boys we decided to stop and buy them gelato. She was able to use it as a photo moment and they are some of my favorites. Talk about being laid back with this hot, crazy American family!

Despite the weather, our photos are great and truly capture this amazing family experience! We received them within a few days and while I paid for 30 photos, she actually sent me several more so I have plenty!

Flytographer Pros

  • Easy to book and pay for an International photographer
  • I thought the price point of $325 was a very fair price. I usually pay more for my Washington DC based family photographer.
  • Our photographer was easy to work with and really understood the area well
  • This was a great way to capture unique travel moments

Mistakes To Avoid

I truly don’t have any Flytographer cons. The things I would do differently are really more about my approach in managing my family on a hot day. So rather, here are some things I would change so that you don’t make my same mistakes. 

  • In retrospect, I should have had some “treats” on hand to keep everyone’s attitude up. Lollipops would have gone a long way.
  • Next time I will make a list of all the family combinations we want to capture. In the moment I didn’t realize we didn’t get a great one of my Mom with the boys.
  • The pace of the hour was pretty fast. Preferably I would have taken a 5 minute break halfway to check-in with our photographer.

Couple on canal in Venice, Italy

Overall Flytographer Review

My overall Flytographer review would be great. They were easy to work with, affordable and the results were wonderful! I highly recommend using Flytographer as a way to capture those once in a lifetime memories! For me, these photos are the best souvenir!

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This is not a sponsored post.

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  1. I so wish my city were on the list… but I’m thinking of hiring a Flytographer for family photos on an upcoming vacation!

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