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A Fun Way to Advertise and Celebrate

I’m willing to bet a good many of you lovely readers are either bloggers or small business owners. Even if you aren’t, I’m sure there’s been a time when you’ve wanted to celebrate something in a big way. Perhaps you wanted to congratulate a loved one on an achievement or shout your love for your honey from the rooftops…We’re about to share an advertising and personal messaging option that could be the answer to your needs! If you think it’s time to advertise, look no further…

On October 27th, Zeusvision opened up to the general public with a crowdfunding campaign that allows customers to pre-order spots. So, what is Zeusvision you ask? It’s a messaging service, whether that message be commercial or personal, that displays “ads” on a large scale tv on the side of a bus with a specific route, fixed times and geo-locating ads. So, if you wanted a particular person to see your ad or message at a particular time, that would be easy as pie to set up. Is anyone else thinking about Carrie Bradshaw’s bus viewing party right now?


I know we’re always looking for new ways to get the word out about our site and, I have to say, the thought of a BonBon Rose Girls ad running, large and in charge, on the side of a bus that’s driving all around a bustling metropolis, definitely sounds exciting! And it’s a great way to get exposure to new potential readers/sponsors!

To set up their ad, users can visit the Zeusvision ad scheduler and upload their content, then pick the days and frequency they want their ad to run. They can schedule their content to run mere hours before they want it to go live, which gives them so much more advertising flexibility than is typically associated with running an ad.

Now you might think that something like this sounds like it would be outside your budget. Would you believe that Zeusvision packages start at just $99.00? They’re making it accessible to nearly anyone, which we love! So, can you picture your ad or message being displayed in this innovative fashion? What would yours say?

Disclosure: We received our own Zeusvision ad, but the opinions expressed are our own.


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