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Garth Brooks’ New Song and a Concert Trip Giveaway


If I had to pick one artist to sing the soundtrack of my life, I would probably have to go with Garth Brooks. To say I love and have been moved by his music is a gross understatement. His songs have seen me through life’s greatest triumphs and heartbreaks. My love affair with this music goes back at least two decades and it’s not going to wane anytime soon…In fact, Garth helped me prove just how much I love my husband. He came to Tampa on his latest tour the same weekend the hubs ran the Chicago Marathon. Sadly, I’ve never seen Garth in concert which is a travesty because I’ve heard he is AMAZING live. So, missing the concert to cheer on my honey was a BIG deal for this girl. Haha!


When I hear certain tracks of his, I’m instantly transported back to moments in time that are forever frozen in my memory. I could listen to my favorites over and over and over again…and I have! Who doesn’t love the The Dance, Unanswered Prayers, If Tomorrow Never Comes, Two Pina Coladas or Shameless? And that’s just a drop in the bucket. I could list my Garth favorites for forever and a day. And I’ve added a new one to the list. Garth Brooks’ new song Mom is not to be missed. It will touch anyone who’s had a mom or is mom herself. I was in tears after the first couple lines. Nothing has given me greater joy than being a mother and I’m sure my own wonderful mother feels the same way. It’s what I was born to be, of this I am sure. So, you can bet this beautiful song will be on repeat for a while…You can listen to an extended sample HERE and a sneak peek is below…


So, are you a Garth fan too? Of course you are! Who isn’t? Haha! Then you’re going to be PUMPED about this…The cool new online music platform, GhostTunes, is giving away an opportunity to see Garth in concert, to one lucky mama and the guest of her choice. And it comes with hotel and airfare too. How’s that for a killer prize? Head on over to GhostTunes to find out more and ENTER to win! Plus, while you’re there, make sure you take a look at all the amazing music GhostTunes has to offer. You’ll find every genre under the sun!

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