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Getaway Golf at Innisbrook Resort

Does a healthy dose of Florida sunshine sound really good right about now? In that case, I think we should talk about planning some getaway golf at Innisbrook Resort! The sunshine state is  known for it’s golf resorts and Innisbrook is one of my husband’s favorites. Trust me when I say he’s shopped around. Bwah! We live on one of the top courses in the Tampa Bay area, but that’s not enough for my beloved golf fanatic. He is ALL about trying out new Florida golf resorts and our recent getaway golf trip at Innisbrook Resort has landed on his favorite golf li experiences list.

Frankly, it’s landed on mine too. Because while I’m just starting to learn the sport myself, I love accompanying him on these little trips. Just because you don’t golf doesn’t mean you can’t participate in a golf getaway! I mean how can you go wrong with beautiful views, delicious food and relaxing spa services? You can’t in this girl’s opinion! Bwah! So, let’s talk about one of the best couple getaways I’ve found shall we?

golf course water view

Island Golf Course tee time

But before we do, can I just say how important I think it is to get away with your honey every now and again? We try to plan a kids free trip at least once a year. I realize that schedules and budgets don’t always permit, but if you plan ahead, even a staycation at an area resort will do wonders for your relationship! That’s exactly what Innisbrook Resort was for us. It’s less than an hour from where we live making it perfectly accessible for a quick weekend away. Not that there isn’t plenty to do there if you’re looking to plan a longer trip! There are loads of activities that you can partake in apart from the golf. I’m talking tennis, biking, yoga and more. They even have live music in the evenings! But let’s get back to why we can’t get enough of this getaway golf trip idea!

Best Couple Getaways

spanish moss on golf course trees

putting in Florida

Island Golf Course view

getaway golf at copperhead golf course

A getaway golf trip at Innisbrook Resort lands on my best couple getaways list because, for one, the courses are amazing, so says my hubs. He played the Innisbrook Island Course and loved the fun and challenging layout. On a side note, I loved being his plus one in the golf cart. The well manicured greens and fairways were gorgeous and the attentive beer cart attendant didn’t hurt. Bwah! Hey, a frosty beverage is just what the doctor ordered on a sunny afternoon! I love that golf is an activity we can do together even if one of us isn’t playing. I mean isn’t finding activities that you can do together like a hallmark of the best couple getaways? Yep. Getaway golf is my kinda togetherness!

Innisbrook Spa

the salamander spa innisbrook spa

meditation rocks at Innisbrook spa

golf resort grounds

That being said, a little me time never hurt anyone either. And that’s where the Innisbrook Spa comes into play. I booked myself a nice relaxing massage at the Innisbrook Spa and it did not disappoint. I went in a somewhat stressed out mom and come out a decidedly more relaxed lady. Stress is not welcome on a couple getaway, so I highly recommend you each book some solo time. Whether that’s another round of golf for him and a pedicure for you, or vice versa, when you come back together you’ll be in the best of moods! With 12 luxe treatment rooms and over 12,000 square feet devoted to your wellness, how could you not leave the Innisbrook spa smiling? I even spent some post treatment time just taking in the beauty of the grounds. I’ll never get tired of Florida water views!

Innisbrook Restaurants

the view from the Market Salamander Grille at Innisbrook Resort

fiesta burger and truffle fries at market salamander grille

drinks on the deck

Innsbrook Resort golf course view

packard's steakhouse dessert

And speaking of good moods, a great meal always puts me in one. When I plan a vacation, I thoroughly research the food situation. I’m happy to report that the Innisbrook restaurants do not disappoint. From lunch at the Market Salamander Grille to dinner at Packards Steakhouse, each meal was better than the last! How good can a burger be right? The answer is REALLY darn good. And the truffle fries seriously put my lunch over the edge. And I haven’t even mentioned the beautiful surroundings. We probably wore out our welcome with the wait staff, but it was so hard to leave that deck. Haha! And if you’re a dessert girl, like moi, the steakhouse has you covered. My steak was ridiculously good, but the dessert went ahead sealed the deal! If food is a focus for you too, you can rest easy that the Innisbrook restaurants will get the job done!

best couple getaways ideas ideas include documenting the trip with fun selfies

Have I sold you on getaway golf at Innisbrook Resort yet? Why not book yourself one of the best couple getaways in Florida today? You won’t be disappointed with our beautiful state and it’s golf offerings, I can promise you that! I mean it’s not a major tourist destination for nothing. And if you’re lucky enough to be of my fellow Florida residents, I think it’s high time you start visiting our local resorts, don’t you? Call the grandparents, arrange for a kiddo sleepover, throw those golf clubs in the trunk and hit the road. It’s time for you parents to play!

More Florida Travel Ideas

* And for more Florida fun, check out another one of our favorite golf getaways, Bay Hill Golf Club! Orlando offers up so much more than amusement parks. Not that I don’t love those too. My secret Epcot tips can attest to how much time I spend at Disney. Just sayin’. We’re all about travel here at Take for Style and since we both hail from the sunshine state, there’s a special place in our heart for it…even if one of us has since headed north. Haha! Don’t worry, we have some getaway ideas for that area of the country too. How about a mother-daughter getaway on the Chesepeake?

This is not a sponsored post. Accommodations and some meals were provided.

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