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Getting Ready for Grill Season

While I’m away in Paris with my Mom, Floyd thought he would step in and do a “manly” guest post. Enjoy!

Spring is here and for backyard chefs everywhere,  it’s time to fire up the grill.  Meg typically handles things in the kitchen, but the grill is my domain.  Unfortunately long and cold winters can wreak havoc on this popular outdoor cooker. So, how do you get your grill ready for its first kielbasa of the season?  Here are a few simple steps to have you cookin’ in no time:

1)  Clean that thing. If you’re like most people, you probably didn’t give your grill a thorough cleaning after your final cookout last year.  What you’re left with is caked on grime, slime, and maybe even a few spider webs.  It’s important to scrub your grilling surface thoroughly, especially if there’s rust.  A wire brush and soapy water should do the trick.  Don’t forget to dry it off, or you’re inviting more rust.  Clean under the grill grates as well, including emptying the grease drip tray.  You may have to replace parts if the rust is just too tough.  Ladies, if you don’t like to get dirty this might be a great chore for the ol’ significant other!

2)  Safety check.  We don’t want a National Lampoons type situation.  For gas grills, avoid leaks by checking all of your connections and make sure they’re tight and in working order.  Inspect the hoses for cracks or holes.  Check your tank’s valve.  If damaged, replace the tank immediately. If you use charcoal, make sure you use fresh briquettes and remember to keep the grill at least 4 feet away from your house, shrubs or bushes.

3)  Tools. Dig out those grilling tongs and get your tools cleaned and organized.  A good idea is to have at least a long grill fork, spatula and tongs.  You can purchase a variety of grilling tool sets which may include a basting brush, skewers, meat thermometer, and a steel cleaning brush as well.  Wooden handles are better than plastic, as plastic may melt on hot surfaces. (This is a handy gift for your man when out of ideas!)

That’s it.  You’re all set.  All you need now is your favorite recipe and some good weather and you’re ready for the grilling season!  Meg would die if she thought I didn’t mention her favorite recipe for the grill, Barefoot Contessa’s Tequila Lime Chicken.

Happy Grilling!


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