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Gift Giving Challenge: The Gadget Guy

As I mentioned last week, American Express has asked me to participate in their Membership Rewards gift giving challenge.  With 150,000 points to use, I’m working to find the perfect holiday gifts for three peeps on my list regardless of whether they’ve been a little naughty (ahem!). And anyone can take the Facebook quiz and let us know their gifting personality for a chance at a $100 gift card!

Up first on my list is my gadget loving hubby, Floyd.  He’s not the easiest person to shop for, so I was a bit skeptical whether points would be able to cut it.  He’s that guy that tells you he wants nothing when you ask, yet manages to drool down every aisle in Best Buy. So, after some quick searching on the Amex Membership Rewards site I was pumped to find so many items I knew he would love.

My first thought was that with all of the traveling he does, this Bose Noise Canceling headphones with Apple iPod Nano combo set would be a great Floyd gift.  I mean who really wants to listen to others yap loudly on a plane?  It was 77,500 points to redeem so not wanting to spend half my points I decided to keep looking.

Next my mouse took me to this fancy guy.  The Garmin Nuvi 3790T Portable GPS (4.3″ Widescreen).  I may be a bit old school and have no qualms about running into a gas station for directions, but my better half would rather circle for hours rather than face having to go in and (gasp!) ask.  It can be redeemed for 65,280 points.  A good deal for sure, but still not sure if it’s just right.

When I saw this free standing punching bag and gloves a little sparkle lit up my eye.  I’ve always wanted a punching bag.  It’s kind of weird but it just seems like a good exercise after a hard day at work.  Although getting a gift for myself and putting his name on the tag is not in the holiday spirit, soooo moving onward.

And then I saw it.  The perfect gift!  The Craftsman 10 inch Mitermate Miter Saw. This, my friends, is how one gets crown molding, trimmed windows and chair rails, oh my!  This major tool oozes just the right amount of testosterone to generate some excitement when spotted under the tree.  Plus, at only 41,000 points I still have 109,000 left for the others on the list!  Don’t you just love that warm and fuzzy feeling when it all works out and you’ve found the perfect gift!? Stay tuned on Thursday to see what my favorite kiddo lucked out with…


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