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Holiday Party Worthy Eye Makeup

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The Holiday Season is the perfect time of year to add that extra bit of glamour to your makeup look.  I especially ADORE shimmer during the winter months.  To really step up the glam factor why not add liquid gold shimmer liner along with individual false lashes to create a sophisticated, yet slightly edgy party eye? We all know luxurious long lashes are all the rage these days.   So many women are intimated by false lashes, but I challenge everyone to try them because I know you will instantly fall in love! You can purchase individual lashes and lash glue at drug stores, most department stores and beauty supply houses.

holiday eye makeup

1) For the perfect holiday look, prep eye with a beige shadow on the lid.
2) Follow with a dark powder shadow on the outer corners of eyelid. I used a charcoal shimmer shade. Make sure to blend well by using a brush and moving it in a circular motion.

holiday eye makeup

3) Next, place a color that is slightly lighter on the center part of the eyelid and blend with the brush. I used a deep eggplant shimmer shade.
4) For the inner corners of the eye, Apply a gold shimmer powder and gently blend.

holiday eye makeup

5) Line the top eye lid with a liner across the entire eye.  If you prefer to also line the bottom lid, gently smudge a dark shadow with a liner brush close to the lash line.
6) Apply two coats of mascara.
7) Apply the gold shimmer liquid liner in the inner corners of the eye~Hello Bling!

holiday eye makeup8) The Holiday Party Eye wouldn’t be complete without the individual false lashes! You will need tweezers, your lash glue, and your false lashes. Place small dollop of glue on a tissue. With your tweezers, pull out one of the lashes of the package. Dip the end of the lashes into the glue and gently place the false lash as close to the lash line as possible. The trick is to fill in towards the outer corners of the eye where your natural lashes gap. Don’t over do it~I used about 5 lashes per eye. The glue appears white at first, but will dry clear! Party on!

holiday eye makeup

So, which party looks are you planning to try this holiday season?

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