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How to Feel More Energetic During the Holiday Season

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The holiday season is filled with plenty of joy and magic, but it also comes with its fair share of stresses. That is especially true for us busy moms who insist on creating most of that magic ourselves. Haha! And let’s not even talk about sleep. I know this mama certainly gets less than her fair share this time of year. That is why it is especially important to me that I take care of myself in other ways if I can’t get my eight hours every night! On that note, how about we focus on how to feel more energetic during the holiday season, shall we?

Now if you can manage it, first and foremost, my top tip to stay energized is to get plenty of rest. That being said, I know many of you are in the same boat as me. And that just might not happen. You’ll sleep in the new year right? Bwah! Squeeze in those z’s when you can, but in case you fall short, I have my top three energizing tips for you below…Because the physical stress you are subjected to during the holiday season is REAL and I don’t want it to steal one ounce of your holiday cheer! It’s time to focus on a daily wellness routine that delivers my friends!

Tips for Staying Energized During the Holidays

1. Stay hydrated. Apart from being tired, dehydration is what drags me down the most when I have a jam packed schedule. I carry a glass water bottle with me wherever I go so I can rehydrate when I need to. I find that if water is readily available, I will reach for it more. That’s actually why I got a water cooler for my home too. One, it means less plastic polluting our environment and, secondly, I have perfectly chilled water ready to fill my water bottle at all times!

2. Take supplements. Now I don’t mean that you should down a bunch of unnecessary pills every day. What I do mean is seek out supplements that could enhance how you feel like Source Naturals® Wellness Formula®. The vitamins and herbs found in this formula support immune health, promote normal mucus production in your respiratory system, keephelps me keep my white blood cells healthy from free radicals, promotes a healthy response to stress, AND support a healthy respiratory system! Now how’s that for a powerhouse supplement?! And it was the first to deliver high-potency vitamin C, plus 25 more key nutrients and time-tested herbs in just 1 product too! Oh and did I mention that you can conveniently find it at Walmart, both in-store and online?!

3. Get Active. Don’t beat yourself up if you veer from your normal workout schedule. I have to remind myself to be more flexible this time of year. I may not fit in my typical 20 miles of running a week, but if I swap out those daily jogs for a hike with the hubs or a bike ride with the fam, that works too. The most important thing is to MOVE! I know we’re all trying to check off those to-dos before the holiday break and that means LONG hours at the computer. I get it. Really I do. Just promise me that you’ll fit in some breaks for activity too. Your energy level will thank you. I promise!

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