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How to Sort Through a Salvage Yard

Weird title I know.  But it recently occurred to me that I keep watching all these HGTV shows with ah-mazing room make overs with envy. I mean these designers find the coolest things that are just brimming over with character and whimsy and all for a bargain price.  I mean, where does one go to find reclaimed wood or an antique fireplace mantle anyway?!  Gosh! Dang! Geesh!

So, I got together with my BFF Google and did some searching.  Sure enough, with a little searching I was able to find a few salvage yards open to the public in Baltimore which is only about 30 minutes away. (Hint, search “architectural salvage” or “salvage store”, otherwise you’ll get auto parts.)  So, off we went to Housewerks.  The neighborhood was a far cry from your local Pottery Barn, but hey Floyd was with me, so I put on my tough girl face and let myself explore.

What we found was a playground for creativity.  Since I didn’t have a specific project in mind I ended up not making any purchases.   But that’s ok.  I was inspired!  How could you not be?

Look its reclaimed wood!  For reals!

I thought these would make great candle cages but they were sadly already spoken for.

This was SO tempting!

So, tell me, what would you do with some of these materials?


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