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In Pursuit of the Perfect Paint

We have been on a serious hunt here in chateau Yarmuth.  A hunt for the perfect color of grey paint for the main area of our house.  Actually, the main body of our home has been under construction for quite some time now.  You see that molding below on the entrance wall?  Well, a few weeks ago it did not exist.  After getting a few scary high quotes, Floyd decided to go rogue and took a few days off to try his hand at DIY molding.  The idea is that we will be painting the area below the chair rail a shiny white that is used on the wood moldings throughout our house.  Now we just needed a color for the top portion.  However, because of the way our floor plan works this paint color would also be going up the stairs and throughout some of our main hallways.  That means it has to be just right.

After placing two tan colors on the wall and staring at them for a while, we decided that we would rather go grey.  In our old condo, we had a lot of one of my favorite Home Depot colors, Brown Tee Pee, going on and we decided we want to branch out (However Brown Tee Pee is awesome if you are looking!). We got several samples of grey, all which were coming out too baby blue or too green.  In the end, we did settle on what we are crossing our fingers will be the perfect true grey.  But I can’t give away all the goods that easy.  It/s not pictured here and you will have to wait to see the final choice! Ha!

And to prove I’m not kidding about our indecision, check out 6 of our 9 paint samples.

Oh and those green walls you see are our living room (also a work in progress) pictured here.  That color is Svelte Sage from Sherwin Williams, another color I’d give two thumbs up!

Megan Yarmuth

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