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Introducing the BravadoMama Model Search Winner…

It’s official…The Bravado! Designs BravadoMama Model Search contest is over and a winner has been chosen!  Jill of Glamamom and I had the opportunity to sit on the judging panel to help Bravado with their selections and boy was our job hard! There were so many incredible entries, but in the end a winner had to be chosen and here she is…

We are elated to introduce you to Mari Torres! Isn’t she lovely? Mari is the working mama of a ten month old baby girl named Stella and she is also currently expecting twins! I love that despite her busy lifestyle, she’s made a commitment to breastfeeding her precious wee ones! As a fellow breastfeeding mama, I was curious about her breastfeeding experience, maternity style etc. and I thought our readers would love to learn more about her too…

bravadomama model search winner

Can you please share with us what your maternity style is like and how Bravado Designs products fit in with it?

“I was lucky enough to be all belly when I was pregnant with Stella.  All I really had to do was purchase pants, jeans and shorts because my 3rd trimester was in the summer.  My style was very casual and chic.  I would dress up for work in my own regular size dresses, which were loose fitting around the waist and looked great with a belly.  I would also wear black or khaki slacks with a loose fitting top that would hug the belly nicely.  On the weekends, I would wear casual dresses because it was the most comfortable style for me or maternity shorts and a tank top.  Now with the twins, I’ll need a variety of maternity clothes for sure!  I’m 13 weeks now and my style hasn’t change at all during the first trimester and I’m still wearing my regular clothes – unbuttoned pants and all. I will be in my 3rd trimester during the fall and early winter months, so I will be wearing sweaters with skinny jeans, the maternity slacks I already own and will probably need to get a bigger coat along with a few more pieces.  The Bravado products fit right in with my maternity style, especially the Essential Nursing Tank because I’m currently nursing and it covers my growing belly.  It’s also useful now in the summer and I will be using them to layer under clothes when the weather changes. From the photo shoot I really liked the leopard print bra and loved the tanks. They were all comfortable and convenient and so easy to use.”

Once you have your precious twins, how do you plan on dealing with that tough transitional phase? Any tips for dressing a post-pregnancy body?

“The most important thing to keep in mind is to stay as comfortable as possible.  I’m curious to see how a twin belly will recover versus a singleton belly.  Also, Stella’s was a 100% natural birth and the twins will most likely be a C-section so I am trying to read as much as I can on the entire process and what to expect recovery wise.  I was fortunate enough to bounce back quickly after giving birth the first time so dressing a post-pregnancy body wasn’t that much different.  However, when you’re breastfeeding you have to make a lot of adjustments because everything that you wear has to be convenient for breastfeeding.  I thought that once I had the baby I would be able to wear all the cute outfits I wanted, but quickly realized that if something doesn’t stretch enough or if I can’t bring the sleeves down then I can’t wear it because then I can’t breastfeed or pump.  Luckily, one doesn’t have to compromise fashion as there are so many options with Bravado, you just have to get used to it and make adjustments to your style.”

What is your favorite thing about breastfeeding?

“My favorite thing about breastfeeding is the effect it has had on my child and myself.  Stella is so happy every time she nurses and she has been so healthy from day one.  It is a very natural and bonding experience and knowing all the health benefits it has on the baby makes all the sacrifice, soreness and challenges so worth it.”

Congrats to Mari and many thanks to Bravado for asking us to be a part of such an inspirational experience!

Disclosure: We were compensated for our participation.


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