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It’s in the Bag

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A Hasty Life

Today we’re participating in the super fun blog crawl that Ashley from A Hasty Life put together. We’re supposed to feature our handbag and the contents that reside in it. A year ago I would have had to show you a diaper bag, but I’m officially back in the regular handbag lane now that the dude is firmly entrenched in toddlerhood! My favorite bag right now is a Michael Kors tote that the hubs gifted me a few Christmases ago. You might remember it from this post.

michael kors tote

I had asked for a different one, but he couldn’t find it. It turns out that I like the one he selected even more than my original choice! Go hubs! As far as what I keep inside of it…Minus the Thomas the Train pieces that I always keep on hand in case of a toddler meltdown, the contents of my bag are pretty typical…You’ll find my keys on a Coach keychain that I scored for a song at an outlet, a Studio Waterstone pouch that holds all my lipglosses like this one from Bath and Body Works, a Michael Kors wallet, a Vera Bradley business card holder and my iPhone 4. Isn’t she pretty in her Kate Spade case?

inside my bag

Now that I’ve shared what’s in my bag, check out Hiya Luv who shared her gorgeous bag yesterday and make sure you tune in to Happy  Serendipity who will be giving you the skinny on what she carries around tomorrow!

On a side note…I am UBER excited about a couple of fashion related tidbits. The IFB Evolving Influence Blogger Conference date has officially been announced. On Februrary 10th, so many fabulous bloggers will be gathered in one spot it’s ridiculous. I am super psyched to be attending another one of these amazing conferences I can’t stand it! Also, the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Fall 2011 schedule is up. Which shows are you dying to see? Even if you won’t be in New York, there’s always!



  1. Emma says

    How very lovely and very organised! Mine is full of the usual stuff plus rubbish, receipts and anything that Chick can’t find a place for!!!

  2. Flashdance (Ami) says

    Girl, if I had to list everything in my beast of a bag, I’d have to spend about 30 minutes cleaning all the trash, stubs, and receipts out of it… then we’d be here awhile. WAY cute MK bag though. He can’t do wrong…

  3. everton terrace says

    Oh I also love your bag. For years I didn’t think I liked yellow but once I embraced it we became fast friends, even painted my patio post the same color as your bag. I think the Thomas toys make everything that much more special.

  4. hi-d says

    I love that hadbag and you look so orgainzed. Most of the time I can never seem to find what I’m looking for in my purse. It only takes a second and my husband can find it faster than I can. haha…

  5. Jules says

    I love that bag! Hubs did good. Totes like that are always nice because you can toss everything in and go. That is the 2nd time I’ve seen someone with the Kate Spade iPhone 4 cover. I need it!

  6. Allison says

    I love that color bag – it’s gorgeous and so versatile! Michael Kors is tres brilliant. I also love the trains in your bag – absolutely adorable (and so unexpected!). I may do a post like this soon – and by soon I mean, once I clean all the receipts and crap out of it, ha! 🙂

  7. Nicolette says

    I love how everyone’s purse is so neat! 😉 I’m participating on Friday 🙂 You completely wet my appetite with this conference… so thinking about it! Didn’t you go last year?

  8. Much to My Delight says

    I love seeing what other people carry around! But spill it…you had to have some balled-up receipts and loose change in there. No? Just me?

    PS: Thanks so much for all your sweet comments on my blog. They really make my day!

  9. Alleen says

    I love the Yellow bag!! It’s gorgeous…and you’ve peaked my interest in the conference. I went to fashion week years ago and it was a blast. I’d have to figure out the kids schedule that week and if Mom can be missing!!! Thanks for the information!!!

  10. Jessica says

    Congrats on the pretty Kate Spade case for the best phone ever! I like the striped version, but honestly, I’m thinking I’m going to leave my phone in the buff. I love the phone’s design by itself!

    • The BonBon Rose Girls says

      I LOVE the polka dots, but my cover is all for function. It protects my phone from cracking as I’m WAY clumsy and the dude is constantly trying to get his grubby fingers on it. HAHA

  11. Casee Marie says

    My goodness, you’re so organized and lovely. This is such a fun idea! I love the pattern on the Vera Bradley business card holder. And the iPhone in the Kate Spade case is too darling – I’ve been thinking about getting a smartphone but I can’t figure out which is best. It seems like all the fab bloggers love the iPhone!

    I wasn’t planning on going to Fashion Week and I think it’s a little late now to try, but I was loving Anna Sui and Odd Molly at Spring so I’ll be quite curious to see their fall collections! And I can’t wait to hear all about the IFB conference!

  12. JTwisdom says

    Your bag is so organized, that mustard color looks great against the blue jeans in the picture with your cool red boots. I would love to go to a blog conference or a fashion week but it looks like I will be a going over to

  13. Alexandra says

    lol. Yours is the second “what’s in the bag” post I’ve seen, and I am so amazed at HOW MUCH is in my own bag. And I’m not a big bag girl, but I seem to stuff a lot in it from make-up to hand sanitizer. Crazy. 🙂 Have a great day ~xox Alexandra

  14. Sherin says

    I love being nosey and seeing what’s in other bloggers bags. You bag is really pretty: I love the colour. And so great that you keep train toys in your bag, hehe.

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