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It’s the Little Things

I’m operating on about two hours of sleep this morning, so please excuse the short post. Le toddler had a nightmare last night and there was no putting him back in his own bed. Fast forward to me being kicked for a few hours before I made the move to the living room where the cat bounced off the wall until the dude woke up for the day. Thankfully I have pleasant memories from this weekend to keep most of my grouchiness at bay. HAHA!

Saturday we took a day trip to Port Charlotte to cheer on the Rays in  a spring training game. Beer and peanuts made an appearance, so you know it was a good time! There’s nothing quite like a beautiful spring day filled with sunshine. Am I right lovelies? Add a hilarious Daniel Tosh special last night to the mix and my weekend was made! I hope y’all made some memories too! Care to share them?

tampa bay rays spring training

the dude

the dude


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