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Kate Middleton Worthy Headwear

poetrie polka dot prance hat

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How darling is this little cloche from Poetrie? I’m forever wishing that I could wear headwear like Kate Middleton seems to do with such ease. Maybe it’s because I’m not British or because I have a Charlie Brown round face, but I find it really difficult to pull off hats. I’ve had an adorable Eugenia Kim for Target fedora for over a year that I just can’t bring myself to don. The one piece of headwear that I do rock confidently, however, is the floppy hat. Thank goodness seventies style is so in. There are loads of floppies to choose from this year. So, sadly I will just have to admire this face framing beauty from afar and hope that one of you lovelies scores it, so I can admire it on you!

poetrie polka dot prance hat

While we’re on the subject of Kate Middleton, by the way, do y’all have plans to watch the Royal wedding tomorrow? My mama, lil’ sis and I will be watching the coverage over a champagne breakfast!

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