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Louboutins, Cocktails and Moi

Wednesday night, thanks to the White Book Agency, I had the opportunity to attend a Shoe and Handbag Soiree at the Neiman Marcus in the International Plaza and Bay Street mall here in Tampa. There were Loubs as far as the eye could see and the cocktails were a flowin’…Need I say more?

My lovely friend Annelis and I strolled around, martinis in hand, and marveled over the vast sea of fabulous footwear. Does that sound like a killer way to spend an evening or what?

kristin and annelis


tory burch


christian louboutin

christian louboutin


I’m not sure what I drooled over the most…the bevy of beautiful, spring perfect, espadrilles or the sparkles galore. Maybe it was the uber cool tape measure shoe or the hot pink studded number? I think I’ll call it a draw! Hugs to the International Plaza and Bay Street Neiman Marcus for welcoming us into their gorgeous store with open arms! I encourage all who are in the Tampa Bay area to stop in and visit their delightfully friendly staff!


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