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Lust Object: Cashmere

So, have I ever told you that I’m allergic to cashmere? Practically the moment it touches my skin, I break out into hives. You don’t know how many times I’ve lamented over my inability to wear it, especially when I see a beautiful scarf like this Neiman Marcus number. Not only am I allergic to cashmere, but I can’t wear wool either. It makes shopping for sweaters a wee bit challenging to say the least.

neiman marcus cashmere scarf

In the grand scheme of things, my little allergy is by no means a tragedy. I am beyond blessed with good health, a loving hubs and my darling little dude…but I do still wish that I could rock cashmere. Haha! I’ll just have to leave vicariously through you!

If you want this scarf as much as I do and you’re in the Tampa Bay area, consider heading over to the Neiman Marcus at International Plaza and Bay Street on September 8, so you can enjoy a fabulous evening out, in addition to a little shopping!


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