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Making Sushi…I now know why the good stuff will cost ya!

Last week I dragged Floyd to his first cooking class. It was at local DC school Culin Aerie, which I had been to one time before. Living Social is a daily email of deals and coupons I get for the DC area and they sent a BOGO for a sushi making class.  Knowing how much Floyd loves sushi I thought this would be a good starter class for a guy not super into cooking.  Turns out I was right!  We had a blast sipping wine while mastering the art of the sushi roll!   The wine explains the mediocre pics below (sorry!) and we quickly realized why the art of sushi takes a skilled chef.  The rice is beyond sticky!  It stuck to our fingers, hands, table, anything it touched.  It was like the super glue of rice!  We laughed as we tried to julienne veggies and slice avocado and overall had a great time leaving with full bellies and a new appreciation for one of our favorite dishes.  And while I’m not sure I will be making this at home anytime soon, I do highly recommend a cooking class date night!  Très romantique!

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