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Meg’s 3 Week Cooking Challenge: Fondue or Fondon’t?

At this point 3 week challenge is a bit of a stretch seeing that it’s actually been 6 weeks.  Where does the time go?  Despite the delays, my mission has been officially accomplished.  I’ve put to good use the panini maker, immersion hand blender, and finally the fondue pot.

Part of my delay with diving into fondue was that the one I own takes chafing burners as a heat source.   I remember wanting that when I registered for it so that it could sit on a buffet without needed to be plugged in (Thanks to my bestie Kristin who purchased this wedding gift for me years ago!  Something tells me her next visit will have fondue involved!)  I looked for the burners at Home Depot, the grocery store, and even Target with no luck.  I finally found them at Sam’s Club and for only $11 I have a bulk purchase of 15 that will have us fondue-ing for years!

Once I had my burners all set it was time to narrow down a recipe.  I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone of chocolate fondue so I searched around online and found a brie cheese option.

After following the directions to a tee, I had my cheesy dip ready with french bread, salami and apple slices for dipping.  Delicious, right? Wrong!  This recipe left such a strong alcohol taste in our mouths that we could barely get it down.  It was so terrible that I wouldn’t dream of sharing the recipe should you be tempted to try it and torture your friends and family. Do not be fooled by the photo below, too much alcohol in a fondue does not make for a pleasant taste.

Even though we weren’t fans of that particular recipe and we ended up eating our dippers sans cheese, we had a great time and I realized that fondue itself is quite easy.  I just need to find the right recipe or stick to chocolate next time.

And with that, I’ve completed the three six week challenge.  Hopefully these posts inspired some of you to pull out those wedding gifts and gadgets, dust em off, and put them to great use!


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