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Meg’s 3 Week Cooking Challenge

A few weeks ago I was poking through a cabinet when I found my hand immersion blender.  The one I was just DYING to have last Christmas?!  Well don’t tell my Dad, but ya’ll I haven’t used it.  In fact it hasn’t even made an appearance outside of the box.  I put it in its place and then promptly forgot all about it.  If blenders had feelings this one would be crying.

Right then and there, I decided it was time to take out my never used kitchen items and get to work.  I ended up finding three gadgets still in their original boxes.  First, the panini maker.  It was actually a gift from this Christmas so it really hasn’t been that long, and I’ve always wanted one (Oprah really sold me on it!).  I just hadn’t taken the time to figure it out and find it a home.  Second, the infamous hand immersion blender, and third, our fondue pot.  The hilarious thing is, I fought Floyd to get this on our wedding registry.  I painted a picture of us laughing over wine and fondue with friends and convinced him we just had to have it.  3 1/2 years later I have to say it, he was right.  But not for long!  With these three items, I’ve decided to put myself to a challenge.  I will use one item a week over the next three weeks.  Each week I’ll showcase a yummy recipe and make myself feel better about the cabinet space these biggies take up!

This lovely heart shaped waffle maker almost made the cut.  However, I’ve been reminded that I actually did use it twice about 3 years ago so sadly it did not fit the criteria.

Feel free to send me tips, recipes, or break out your own never used gadgety things and join in.  And don’t leave me out here in the guilty zone all along.  Please dish.  What have you been ignoring in the back of the pantry?

Megan Yarmuth

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