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When I was in Paris last week there was a little of this going on….

I mean how could I not take time to shop, right?!  One of my favorite places was the concept store Merci.  For me, Merci was like walking into candyland.  Chic vintage and designer clothes, accessories, furniture and household items spread across three loft like floors.  Meanwhile herb pots were lovingly placed around the store.  And isn’t their little red car at the entrance courtyard just adorable?!  After hours of browsing I ended up buying some fun vases and felt good.  All of the store’s profits go to a children’s charity in Madagascar.  How great is that!?!  I’d love to see something similar open up in the states.  Meanwhile, I’ll just relish the memory and of course you can tell by my photos I kinda got stuck on the home furnishings floor….

Megan Yarmuth

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