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Mommy and Me Summertime Fun

Hello Lovelies…I am excited to share a fun summer idea for those of you who have little ones! We hosted a playgroup at our house for the first time, and to be honest I was a little nervous because it is for a Mom’s group we are in and it can be anywhere from 3-15 moms, plus their babies, so I wanted to have it in the back yard to keep the chaos indoors to a minimum. We ended up with about 8 moms and 8 babies under 1year old. Needless to say, we are in Florida so it got a little warm towards the end, so the earlier the better! Here’s the skinny…

I did a little breakfast set up with juice, waters, sodas, fruit and cinnamon rolls and some puffs for the babies. A fun tip is to accesorize the table with colorful toys you have around to set the theme of playtime!

In the back yard, we did quilts and a baby pool filled with balls. Kids love ball pits, so why not make your own? I got these Balls at Target for $15 for 100…I’d recommend 200 though for a pool this size. We ended up adding water to it after a bit to cool down the kiddos, but for less mess you can keep it water free (or if you do the party indoors). I also had a mini slide, teeny tiny jungle gym back there, but you can bring indoor toys out too, like this little Busa tunnel from IKEA. It’s just for a few hours, plus most toys are washable.


Hugs and thanks to my good friend and party planning expert, Lauren, for this fun guest post!

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