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Monday Mingle: How to Wear Formal Dresses


If you’ve been paying attention to our Instagram feed, you may have noticed that Megan and I were on a Royal Caribbean cruise last week. Not only did we get some serious bestie bonding time in, but it gave us the chance to bust out a slew of fab fashions. On the fun formal night of our girlfriends getaway, we wore a couple of our favorite maxi dresses to dinner. And this our take on how to wear formal dresses…Look to the maxi! I’m sharing mine today and we’ll share Megan’s look a little later…



I opted for a neon and gold ensemble. You may remember my neon maxi dress from my New York City getaway a couple months back. I wore it to a chic Manhattan wedding. This time I added chandelier earrings and a metallic clutch to my look. As you can see, it’s a fabulously versatile frock! Us BonBon Rose Girls are all about multi-purpose pieces! What busy mamas aren’t? And speaking of busy mamas, we appreciate comfortable fashions as well…While we were definitely all dressed up that night, we were comfortable as well. Nothing beats being able to combine glamour and comfort! Am I right?

Now that you’ve read our thoughts on how to wear formal dresses the maxi way, head over to Momtrends and Thirty Something Fashion to see their looks…but don’t forget to link up your own fashion focused posts and enter our latest giveaway before you go! I’m really loving the Β Sophia and Matt makeup bag that we’re giving away. It’s big enough to fit your makeup and brushes, but small enough to stow away in your tote. And isn’t the polka dot print adorable? If you’d like to stay connected with Sophia and Matt, check them out on Twitter!

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  1. Rachel says

    absolutely gorgeous! LOVE this maxi with the hints of gold, this looks wonderful for a fancy night but where you might want to have an awesome meal too and don’t want to feel constricted to tight clothing! You look Stunning Kristin! Look forward to seeing megan’s looks too! xo

  2. ADA says

    WOW Kristen you look divine!! I am in love with that maxi dress. I also love the earrings and the clutch and I think gold was the perfect choice to accessorize with. Simply Sublime, Pretty Lady!!

    Happy Monday!! <3 Ada.

  3. Alison Gibb says

    I am not quite sure what I was sopposed to do with the first comment. I hope I did it right. I commented on Fabulouso 40’s link. She looks stunning!!

  4. Kaitlin Collins says

    I have so many maxi dresses but always thought of them as “casual” and not “fancy” before this post! I’ll have to take a leap and wear one to a wedding next weekend! Thanks for the always-useful tips and tricks! πŸ™‚

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