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My Chat with Isaac Mizrahi

isaac mizrahi

If you’re a fellow Project Runway All Stars fan, you know that the final episode aired this week. Don’t worry. You won’t find any spoilers here! I know some of you probably haven’t watched it yet. What I will do is share the lovely interview that I had with Isaac Mizrahi recently!

Isaac is just as funny and out there as you’d think he would be. Here are some fun facts about the designer extraordinaire…He’s a Teletubbies fan. He even designed a primary colored collection inspired by them. He’s addicted to Belgian loafers and calls them “his signature and the most classic thing in the world.” His first job before school was working as a gopher for a company that licensed Diane von Furstenberg’s blouses. In fact, he has nothing but praise for DVF…

When I asked him who his favorite guest judge on PR All Stars was, he responded, “Without question, it was Diane von Furstenberg. She’s so eternal herself. She’s such an icon. I love watching her. She taught them so much. They really, really learned from her…not just from her work, but from the way she presents herself.” I can’t argue with that. I find Ms. von Furstenberg to be incredibly inspirational, both as a woman and businessperson!

Overall, Isaac really seemed to relish his experience working on PR All Stars and when asked what his favorite moment from the season was he said, “There were so many. I really loved my experience. I think my most favorite moment was the ulitmate moment when somebody won. I won’t tell you who it was…Week after week, the worst moment was sending someone home.  Honestly, I think every one of us was very candid about our criticism. We tried to give it to them as straight as possible. No matter what, it was difficult to tell someone they had to go home. Somehow, what made up for that was watching someone’s face after they won!”

The winning moment really was magical and it’s nice to see that the judges enjoyed it as much as we, the viewers, did!

project runway all stars

My interview with the Project Runway All Stars winner will be up over at Lifetime Moms next week, but in the meantime, check out this winter to spring transitional look that I styled for them!


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