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My Perfect Purple Polish Search

purple polish

While on a weekend getaway filled with wedding research in the area where we are getting married, I wanted to find a great location for my girls to get manis and pedis for the big day.  I am happy to say I not only found the perfect spot, but I also left feeling relaxed and pampered while marking another wedding task off of the checklist!  YAY ME!

Wedding planning is a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it!  HA!  I mean come on – I, of course, needed to test the spot out to make sure the pampering is of the level that my ladies deserve!

I am now in search of the perfect purple hue to rock for my big day.  I tried out China Glaze Anklets of Amethysts – a light purple with a dash of sparkle.  Ok, I must admit and I am LOVING the new cotrast polish color trend right now.  While I would not rock it on my big day, it was the perfect mani for a beach weekend of fun.  I opted to use China Glaze Solar Power – a yellow gold with a dash of sparkle.  I absolutely adored my mani and pedi for the weekend, however, I am still in search of the perfect polish for my bridal mani and pedi.  Guess I will just have to “suffer” through some more manis and pedis until I find it!

So, does anyone have any purple polish suggestions for my lil’ sis?!?

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