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Newborn Photoshoot Ideas

Jessica here and I’m getting a little sentimental this week.  It is hard to believe my lil bubba is 9 and a half months old.  Our first year together is just flying by.  I swore I wouldn’t blink…  But I did…  I blinked and he went from my teeny squishy newborn who slept on my chest for hours at a time to my big baby who is a crawling speedster who can feed himself and loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  How did that happen?  It seems like just yesterday we were coming home from the hospital exhausted and excited with this amazing lil’ bundle that we had no idea what to do with!

Newborn Photoshoot ​One thing I was looking forward to when we got home from the hospital was our newborn photoshoot.  I knew that I would want to capture as much of my teeny newborn as I could and I was ready and willing to make a good investment in a newborn shoot.  I am SO glad I did.  Here we are 9 and a half months later and I love looking back at that little miracle face we brought home.  They change so much the first few months and while I still see a trace of the newborn I brought home, he has his own little look now that is vastly different from my May baby.

Newborn Photoshoot
You may recall the talented photographer, Niki Schmidt who did my lil bubba’s Valentine’s Day shoot.  She is also the same photographer who did his newborn photoshoot.  I must say I am AMAZED at the talent and patience of a newborn photographer.  She took such care with my sweet new babe.  She took her time.  And she used massive amounts of creativity.

Newborn Photoshoot
Here are my tips for how to select the best newborn photoshoot:

1) Research the photographer’s style.  Look at their website and their Facebook page.  You will get a feel for the picture taking and editing styles – both of which will determine if you like or LOVE your pictures.

Newborn Photoshoot
2) Talk to a couple different photographers to look at package prices.  Be prepared to make a financial investment in these pictures, but know they ARE worth it and can never be replicated.

Newborn Photoshoot
3) Book your newborn photographer when you are around 6 months pregnant.  The really good ones book up FAST and FAR in advance.  Also, the further along you are the less comfortable you will be and the less you will think about stuff like this.

Newborn Photoshoot
4) Plan some general ideas for your pics.  Most photogs will have newborn photoshoot props, however, I had some special touches I wanted as well.  Such a Mickey Mouse crochet hat my Mom got him, an anchor that hung on his nursery wall, and a custom hat I had made with his name.
I promise these pictures will be something you treasure for a lifetime.
Check out the BonBon Babies’ Newborn Shoots…  Clearly we love us some newborn baby pics!

Newborn Photoshoot


  1. Barbara Lane says

    OMG, the pictures are fantastic!! What a wonderful way to cherish all those early moments of life! You have such beautiful pictures to show Wyatt when he grows up!

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