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Nursery Chair Dilemma

Dear lovelies, I need your advice.  As I’ve been working away diligently on putting the nursery together I’ve hit a bit of a brick wall.  I can’t decide what to do about the chair in the room.  I’ve always adored the large gliding chair that just seem to invite you in for a good book and cuddle.  However, mama has some expensive taste.  In particular I love the Pottery Barn Kids Comfort Small Square Arm Glider pictured below.  But comfort like that doesn’t come free.  In fact it retails at $819 and that’s with the most basic fabric and no ottoman.  Wowsers!

For the exact same price I could go with a classic white rocking chair ($134), along with all of these other nursery amenities to round out the room.

So, tell me darlings, what would you do?  Would you get the comfy chair of your dreams or choose a more budget friendly option so you could finish out the room with a bang.  Does anyone have a big chair or a rocker in their nursery’s and if so how did that work out?  And let’s not forget about option C.  Get the rocker and spend the rest on fab shoes, Jimmy Choo anyone?!

Megan Yarmuth

Source list for the items above: Rocking chair, Etsy Artwork, Owl night light, Skip Hop Nursery bedding, 8×10 Gray rug, White shelf, Canvas storage buckets

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