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My Whirlwind Fashion Week Trip

As most of you know, I just returned from a fast, yet fabulously fun trip to NYC. I flew in for a mere 48 hours to attend the Project Runway finale show for Lifetime Moms and what an incredible time it was!

mercedes benz fashion week

Although, I’m no stranger to runway shows thanks to BonBon, attending the Project Runway show was a completely different experience. There was an emotional charge to it that I haven’t felt at previous shows. I recapped my experience for Lifetime Moms, so pop on over there for all the details!

project runway finale

Coincidentally, I happened to run into Becky, the latest designer to be eliminated from the show, outside the restroom. She obligingly posed for a photo. Don’t you just love the large and in charge RESTROOMS sign in the background?

I caught up with Becky for a quick interview yesterday and she definitely had some strong opinions regarding the remaining contestants! When I asked her how she felt about Joshua’s behavior in last week’s episode and whether it was warranted or not, she responded with, “I think he has problems. He really needs to learn to get along with other people.”

I questioned whether his dramatics were for the benefit of the camera and she said, “He’s like that off camera.” I will say, that Joshua showed a sweet side at the finale show when he dedicated his collection to his mother who he recently lost.

project runway

I can understand why Becky has a chip on her shoulder when it comes to Joshua though. I’m sure it’s hard to see past someone calling your designs “dowdy.” Just sayin’.

On a cheerier note, Becky said that she walked away with several good friendships…People she’ll be friends with forever.  I would say that solid friendships are worth dealing with some snarky talk, wouldn’t you?

Speaking of good friends…I was also able to squeeze in a dinner with Amy of Midtown Girl, Grace of BaubleBar and Stripes and Sequins, our friend Rebecca and my mama during my trip. We had a marvelous time talking about everything under the sun over tapas and sangria! Would you believe we forgot to take photos? Clearly we were having too much fun to think about details like a photo sesh! Haha!

After dinner, Grace and I headed over to the Bloggers Night Out event. You would have thought the little ladies behind it had been planning events for years, it was so well put together! While there, I finally got to meet my football rival and bloggy bud Alexis from North on Harper. Despite the fact that she’s a Seminole, I big puffy heart her!

Grace did an amazing job summing up all the lovely ladies that we met that night, so please check out her recap!


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