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NYC Favorite Spots. So Many Sites, So Little Time!

As you might have read in yesterday’s post, we are back from NYC and have had a few days to kick back, rest our poor feet from those super high heels, and reflected on our favorite moments. It just so happened that I was in town longer than most due to work, so I not only got to meet up with Kristin, but was also able to end the visit with Floyd. While spare moments were few, I tried my best to squeeze in as much action as I could. It was just enough time to squeeze in some of my favorite NYC spots, as well as discover a few new ones to add to my looonnnggg list! Here are just a few but you can click over to Facebook to see more “behind the scenes” moments!

SoHo has so many great boutiques, both for fashion and furniture, its hard not to break out the back-up credit card! I was finally able to see the gorgeous handmade works of art at The Rug Company. I’d always drooled over the photos and to see these beauty’s up close, well I was just about able to fork over a HUGE chunk of change for this super cool pillow. Almost….

I was also able to do a quick run through of Room and Board. I love, love, LOVE this store, and finally Floyd was able to browse along with me, just long enough for us to get inspired for our next room redo. I’m thinking the bedroom could use some paint but that’s another post for another day.

And what should complete a trip to SoHo better than some yummy Mexican food from Dos Caminos?! My friend Amanda always recommends it, and then I saw that it was a must for Jessica Simpson…so you know I just HAD to go. For once the “Stars, they’re just like us!” page actually applied, ha! It was absolutely amazing and we savored every bite of our homemade guac!

While there were many shops and stops along the way, I ended the NY trip with a quick stop at the Guggenheim museum. I’d always wanted to witness this jaw-dropping, eye-popping Frank Lloyd Wright building in person. It has inspired so many over the years and has been the scene to many a NY movie moment. Its no wonder that I had to take a few minutes to ponder and have a moment all my own (Why does my face look so stretched? It must be the power of my brain contemplating all that art. Just kidding its the fish-eye lens, ha!).

I never seem to make it to all the places on my list when I go to NY. Maybe that’s why its so fun to go back to each and every time! What about you? Any favorite places I should make sure to check out on my next visit?! I’m already working on my next line-up.

ps – I totally had a chance moment with Tim Gunn. He is SO nice and gracious and I can’t say enough fab things about him! It was so nice to have someone not only live up to, but exceed their TV persona. And while I look like a deer caught in fashion runway head lights, he looks great, don’t ya think? Thanks Tim!!

p.p.s. Kristin here. Won’t you join me in wishing a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my bestie Meg. She didn’t mention it in her post today, but it’s her special day!!!

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