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One-Shoulder One-Piece Bathing Suit

It’s not easy for most of us moms to bare ourselves in our bathing suits. It feels like I’m the super pale over exposed person at the pool every time. But my love for the water shows no bounds and swimming and spending time at the beach are my favorite things to do all summer long. Lack of abs be damned. No way am I about to miss out on all the fun from the sidelines while my boys play in the waves. I SO want in on that action! Which is why I was really excited to find this one-shoulder one-piece bathing suit. I just love it!
J. Crew Striped Bathing Suit

Reasons to Love a One-Shoulder One-Piece Bathing Suit

I could go on and on about why I love this bathing suit but first and foremost is that it comes in a long torso option. If you, like me, have a long torso, than you know the pain of trying to squeeze yourself in to a regular one-piece. I try time and time again and it most often ends up with me hunched over or over exposed. It ain’t good darlings. So I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I truly need a long torso or tankini. Eliminating the others means no more awkward try on sessions, which I love!

Another reason I love this is that I feel fully covered, enough so that I can play with my kids and not worry about any *ahem* awkward moments. Everything stays in place the way I like it. I even tested it out in the pool and sure enough it was smooth swimming.

Even better, the one shoulder feature feels very on trend so I get both a chic classic J. Crew look but with an updated feel for this summer.

one-shoulder one-piece bathing suit one-shoulder one-piece bathing suit one-shoulder one-piece bathing suit

Despite my pale northern legs, my one-shoulder one-piece bathing suit had me feeling confident enough to take on the pool and some fruity drinks with Kristin down in Florida last week. Here’s to a great summer full of confidence!
J. Crew Striped Bathing Suit

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