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Portable Vase, Cuz A Lady Never Knows When She Might Receive Flowers!

A few months ago when I was in Paris with my Mom, I picked up a little something fun that I wanted to share.  When I was at the beyond fabulous shop, Merci, I found these adorable plastic “fill me up” vases.  Sure, I couldn’t spring for the 500 euro shoes, but hey a little token that didn’t break the budget was the ideal way to remember one of my favorite shopping haunts.  I’ve seen them in other stores but was unable to find and share a link, sorry guys.  The idea is that they are flat plastic vases that you just add water to in order for them stand on their own.

With a portable vase on hand it’s easy to pick up a few blooms and make a hotel room or picnic that much more special.  I mean, hey a girl has to do what a girl has to do to ensure she receives a steady stream of flowers, hey haayyy!

And in an effort to fulfill my New Year’s Resolution to work on my Photoshop skills, here are two more versions using the Pioneer Woman’s Action Sets.  Has anyone ever used these?  I just started, and so far I am really enjoying all the easy options for Photoshop.  They are perfect for someone not so self-inclined like me!

Megan Yarmuth

p.s. If you are able, please join Kristin over at the Ebates Savvy Living Community for a live chat on social media today at 1 PM EST!

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