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Project Runway Eliminated Designer Interviews

We have a special treat for you this week lovelies! We were able to catch up with episode three’s eliminated designer, Fallene Wells, as well as got to chat with last week’s eliminated designer Julie Tierney! Fallene was kind enough to answer these questions that I shot her via email…

project runway

BBRG: Do you think confidence was an issue for you in the team challenge?

Wells: I feel it was a combination of being extremely sleep deprived, uninspired and also just being on the bottom in the previous challenge. I found it was very hard to concentrate with all the pressure.  I’m a confident person, but I also think it’s because I’m surrounded by people that  love and support me which gives me the strength and confidence, it’s a completely different vibe in the work room!

BBRG: Do you think that not having traditional training in design affected your performance in the challenges?

Wells: I think being technically trained helps with timing which would be great for the time constraints on the show, but I don’t feel it makes you a better designer. I design and sew at least 25 outfits through out the year, but I’m also working under completely different circumstances.

BBRG: What can we expect to see from you in the future? Will you return to styling hair or is fashion your focus now?

Wells: I produce a large annual fashion show called Forever Darling that features 11 local designers including myself, which will take place Sept 30th next month! I will be making a 20s inspired collection of 10 outfits, and I plan to manufacturer 5 of them from that collection. Check out and for more of my fashions.

I’ve decided to still do both. Being a hairstylist helps me stay connected to people and I love pleasing and helping people. Designing keeps my passion and creativity alive. I think I’m very fortunate to know how to do both!  Check out the salon at!

project runway

I got the sense that Fallene was at peace with leaving the show, whereas Julie didn’t really believe that she should have been eliminated. When asked what she thought of the judges’ feedback on her look she said that she “wasn’t buying it.”  In her words,” I didn’t feel like the comments matched the garment. Some of their comments were valid, but not all of them.” She was quite surprised that she was sent home based on that garment in fact.

When I asked her if her colorblock piece was representative of her aesthetic her response was “Yes, for now.” She believes that her aesthetic has evolved and will continue to evolve.

Although, she wishes she hadn’t left her buttons at Mood, so that her piece could have been “more representative of a coat,” she seemed to stand firmly behind her garment. You can’t help but respect a gal who’s willing to stand up for her work!

project runway

For my recap of last week’s episode, head over to Lifetime Moms! And you can find my first two recaps here and here in case you missed them!


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