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Let’s Play Pretend

I just love Restoration Hardware, in particular the location near my house which is set up like a “gallery” (their words, not mine) that allows you to walk through each room as they would appear in the catalog, without tons of product stocked on shelves.  Part of the reason I love going there is that it gives me a chance to play pretend.  See, I’m pretending that if I work really, reaaaalllly hard at it, this is what my house might one day look like.  Free of all clutter and dust bunnies and rather the perfect spot to read a book or sip champagne with friends.  Um yeah right. The reality check is that I have stacks of unread mags and laundry baskets of clothes in need of folding around every corner.  But hey, a little escape never hurt right?!

One thing that Restoration Hardware does so well is stick to a muted color palette.  And while personally I prefer more pops of color, each scene is so relaxing that I can’t help but be sucked in.  I mean how great does that claw foot tub look below?

And now for a reality check…

Megan Yarmuth

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