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Ring In The New Year…CB2 Style!

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Ya’ll my inbox is full. I’ve been receiving so many great email and catalogs showcasing new 2011 goods, and so far they’ve been hard to resist! One of the catalogs chock full of new treats is the CB2 catalog, with its cheeky title, “Rapid Eye Movements”. Here are five items that caught my eye!

I love these bright blue club chairs.  They definitely make a bold statement!

This Knead It Side Table is inspired by India and a limited edition.  I guess I better hurry if I’m going to pull the trigger.

This paint palette pillow has a dream like quality that I love.

This digi pop bedding explains the whole rapid eye movement title. So fun!

This parlour sofa is chic and buttoned up.  It could definitely handle any bright pop of color!

Have you received any great catalogs, virtual or otherwise?  Any other hot new items catching your eye? I know I’ll continue to be on the look out over the next several weeks!


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