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Intel Tablet: Road Trip Must Haves

Since this is the last summer before my little dude states kindergarten, we’ve made it a priority to create as many memorable family experiences as possible. Long distance and day road trips have been a big part of our lives this summer. Road trips can really bring you together as a family, but they can also be a bit stressful, especially when you have wiggly kiddos in the back seat. Enter Intel Tablets . You can load that tablet up with fun apps and movies to keep said kiddos from going bonkers which inevitably happens. For me there are two road trip must haves, technology and nature.


We recently got back from our annual July trek to our family’s vacation home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We always have an amazing time up there, but this year was particularly special because we decided to do some things we’d never done before. For instance, we visited Tallulah Gorge State Park where hiked among a beautiful canopy of trees and witnessed the miracle that is the Tallulah Gorge, a two mile long, 1000 foot deep canyon.

My work requires me to be plugged in, and frankly I love it, but I truly believe that sometimes you have to step away from technology and appreciate the natural beauty our world has to offer. That being said, once the kids were all hiked out, they sure did love relaxing with their technology on our ride home. Haha!




So, where has your summer taken you? Have you also found that technology and nature an co-exist in your life?

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  1. I tried to unplug a lot while on vacation, but I had to keep the blog going. I had plenty of posts saved up, but I found myself writing two new posts while away. But I did find a balance.

  2. Arianna has her own nook with books and game apps and I agree, it really is a lifesaver on trips! When I went on vacation this summer I completely took a break from my blog. I figured that if I was working in a office I wouldn’t use my vacation time to do work so I should do the same. We all need a break sometimes -even bloggers! (I did share pics on instagram though.)

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