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Rooftop Party at Room & Board

Last week I was invited to attend a rooftop party at our local Room & Board store.  Now let me be clear.  This invitation had nothing to do with the fact that I’m a blogger.  Oh no.  It was because I once bought a lamp there which makes me officially “on the list”.  Fine by me!  I love rooftop parties to look at furniture previews and partake in fabulous cocktails and appetizers.  Sign me up!  So Kate, Floyd and I headed over after a long day in the office.

Clearly this is a serious discussion Kate and I are having, ha!

How unhappy with Floyd is that woman on the couch for taking her picture.  Eek!

Room & Board is literally one of my favorite stores.  I love how everything has clean lines and is fairly contemporary, yet somehow is still warm and inviting.  Only one problem. It tends to be a smidge over the Yarmuth Household budget.  Hmph!  Oh well at least I can look and be inspired and look for any pieces that might be worth saving for.

Who among you are daring enough to pull this off?  I would swoon if I walked into your house and saw this!!

This lil’ number is exactly what we are looking for to use in our Family Room.  Now I just have to go find it elsewhere in my budget.  Any thoughts?

While I did not take this photo, I just love how they mixed the coffee table and side table so that things weren’t too matchy.  That black lamp is pretty sweet too, don’t ya think?!

So that was my roof top party experience.  Definitely had a great time and hope to continue to be on the Room & Board “list”!


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