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Santa Monica Treasures

Despite last weeks photos, my recent trip to Santa Monica, CA wasn’t all rainstorms and windy beach walks.  In fact, the sun managed to peek out for a few hours one or two mornings.  And while the weather may not have fully cooperated, I did manage to find some sweet stops along the way.  Here are my Santa Monica favorites, and if you are in the area I highly recommend making time to check them out.

1) Cora’s Coffee Shoppe -I don’t know if it was the perfect blueberry pancakes or that dreamy cafe’ au lait, but this little joint stole my heart!  It sites only a block from the beach so you can burn off those pancakes with a long beach walk.  Pretty much my idea of the perfect morning.

(My fabulous travel companion, Cait!)

2) Me and Blue – Technically its in Venice, but close enough right? Hopefully I didn’t just create some sort of California party foul!  This shop was a really fun mix of original and vintage items.  The T-shirt dresses are so soft you just want to wrap yourselves in them.  I picked up a cute little number that I’m sure to wear in an upcoming Champagne Saturday! Oh and they also have an etsy shop!

3) Venice Beach Wines – An adorable patio with candles and wine, it had me at hello!  Then we had what we affectionately coined “the cheese pot”. Twice.  Think warm cheeses with pesto and sun dried tomatoes served with soft warm bread and a smooth glass of red wine.  Mmmmm…..

4) La Grande Orange – Best seared tuna tacos ever! I swear I took photos to prove it but I guess it was too dark.  Or I scarfed them too fast.  The decor is really upbeat and fun too! (photo via)

5) Westside Comedy –  We checked out the Improv show here on Sat. night and had a blast.  It was a small setting which of course allowed Cait to get on stage, seriously what is it with my peeps getting pulled up?!, and me to be mocked after having to share my most recent text.  It just may have involved Floyd telling me he was brushing his teeth.  Thank goodness for unlimited texting!

All in all, I’d say its a pretty cute place and taking time in between work to stop and smell the roses was SO worth it!

Megan Yarmuth

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