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Managing Self-Care For the Whole Family

I’ve been doing this whole Mom thing now for 5 years. And while I’m by no means a parenting expert, it is definitely true that no one knows my kids better than I do. I can look across the room and instantly realize one of them just doesn’t “look right” and sure enough they will have a fever, allergies or some other fun bug caught from one of their buddies on the playground. The whole “momtuition” thing is real!


Jake and Max

As a family, we’ve been using CVS for years for it’s pharmacy, beauty aisle, as well as stops for just about anything on the errand bucket list. It’s the place where I’ve been managing self-care for the family for years now. Which is why I was excited and curious to go to New York City with Kristin recently to learn more about what CVS has coming. Let me tell you, it’s great! Here are 5 things from CVS you won’t want to miss!

self-care for the family

5 Ways CVS Pharmacy Is Evolving

Self-Care – As parents, we often manage more than we realize in terms of self-care. I try to keep-up with staying healthy for both myself and the rest of the family. From vitamins to healthy foods, I want to make sure that we are all as healthy as possible. No one ever has time for being sick! I love that CVS has a great range of products to help me easily make those choices. I got to see and try several items at their event. One of my favorites was the protein smoothie mix in, especially since I’m always keeping one eye on my Jake’s protein intake.

Healthier Food Options – Every parent knows the struggle of the checkout line. The kids begging for treats that aren’t necessarily healthy. CVS now has even more healthy food and snack options throughout the store that make saying yes easy. I get to be the superhero while they happily win the checkout line battle. My boys just love the “That’s It” bars!

More Health Offerings – Ok this one got me really pumped up. CVS has greatly expanded on the CVS Health branded items, which have become my go-to. For instance, there is a wide array of dye-free medicines that are very clearly marked. Such a relief as I have been navigating the world of allergies with Max for the first time!

Plus, knowing how many of us have used and loved the Minute Clinic offerings, CVS has expanded in 50 locations to offer hearing and optical services. Anyone who has moved frequently or battled with a loved one to get his or her hearing or vision checked knows that anytime we can remove a barrier to health the better. Having the ability to use these services in an environment that they are already comfortable in and trust is GREAT! You can look for a hearing center or optical center online.

Kristin getting an eye examDiscovery Zones – The new CVS store format makes finding your health items easier than ever. With selections grouped together and simple clear signage, the right solution is a breeze to find. Plus there are so many over the counter products that come in on-the-go convenient packaging, perfect for slipping into your purse. As team mom, Kristin was psyched to see the boxes of single pack antibiotic and pain relief ointment. She creates first aid bags for all the baseball kids and the individual packets are perfect!

Beauty Trends – Kristin and I both really obsessed over the upcoming beauty trends that CVS is offering. They are expanding their beauty selection to include all of the latest trends with a focus on natural ingredients. The Korean beauty section really had Kristin and I transfixed and we can’t wait to try more (LOVED this Vitamin Mist!) Keep your eyes peeled for the “trend wall” that is now displayed at over 2,000 stores!

Korean Beauty at CVS

Experiencing all of these offerings and more really showed me one thing loud and clear. That CVS is working hand-in-hand with me to help manage my family’s health and self-care as easily as possible. And this busy mama will take all the help she can get. Along with some fun beauty too, ha!

Here’s to a great family summer full of self-care and healthy moments spent together!

Family Photo

Disclosure: I’m proud to be working with CVS Pharmacy to help spread the word about #BetterHealthMadeEasy and how to #FindYourHealthy. All opinions expressed are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at or with the appropriate manufacturers.


  1. Robin Rue says

    I have noticed that they have more healthier foods/snacks available lately. I love that because I am at CVS all the time and it makes it easier to get everything I need all in one place.

  2. Janel B says

    Great to hear CVS is adding new items to their store. I don’t shop there as often but I do have one close by and I love all the coupons and items you can save money on through their rewards program.

  3. Karen says

    Ok – totally want to try that vitamin mist for the summer – especially after being on the beach all day! And, I never noticed the checkout lines (for snack/candy items), but yes – so important that CVS is mindful of not placing super sugary items in that area before checking out. Love that about CVS!

  4. Jane Davidson says

    I have to tell you, last time I was in a CVS I was BLOWN away by how much great stuff they had in there! Long gone are my college days where the CVS was only good for 99 cent nail polish.

  5. Cecilia C. Cannon says

    I did not know this about CVS! this is great to hear as there is newer one close to me. I haven’t been too often as I am always headed to a competitor that I am use to, BUT I will 100% be checking this out.

  6. Carolyn says

    I only go to CVS pharmacies too. I love the selection and the hours and location work great for me. I hope ours gets a Minute Clinic soon.

  7. Amanda Love says

    CVS is awesome and I’ve been a customer for years. I think it’s nice that they’re improving everything including and especially self care. We always forget about taking good care of ourselves and it’s nice to know that CVS is there to remind us that we need some TLC too.

  8. priti says

    Never tried the CVS app but I am in CVS a lot, I love that they are provising more products which are natural for self-care also

  9. Jackie says

    They seem like an awesome store and have so many things. I’ve never been to one and they didn’t have the, when I was in the U.S. but I’ve heard good things.

  10. Jeanine says

    It’s so important to stay on top of self care. The whole family. I havent ever been in a CVS before but i hear great things. That 7 day vitamin mist looks awesome!

  11. Tiffany Haywood says

    I had no idea CVS is changing so much and in so many ways for the better of entire families. I love it. I need to make a visit to my local CVS to check some of these things out for myself . . .

  12. Theresa says

    I haven’t been in CVS for a while, but these all sound like great reasons to go! I usually use their walk-in clinic in the winter, but I don’t go often for other reasons.

  13. Brittany says

    I love this. I have three kids and so much of my time is spent on my family. It’s so important for moms to focus on themselves sometimes. If we don’t we end up drained.

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