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Sharing the Pudding Love

Disclosure: This article is sponsored by Kozy Shack, but the opinions expressed are all my own.

Kozy Shack Pudding Love

Growing up, dinner always felt a little extra special when Mom made a dessert. It was a sweet treat that happened about once or twice a week and often it was pudding with a dollop of whip cream on top. The veggies somehow cleared the plate a little faster knowing dessert was on its way, funny how that happens ummm hmmmm. Now that I’m a Mom of my own, I like to find time to savor those little treats with Jake. His face lights up when on a quiet afternoon or after a long trike ride, I offer up a sweet treat. And of course Kozy Shack pudding is one of his favorites just like his mama, some things just never change.

Kozy Shack Pudding Love

Kozy Shack Pudding Love Kozy Shack Pudding Love

Of course, one of the reasons I prefer to brighten up the day with pudding, is that Kozy Shack pudding makes it sooooo easy. Using the same ingredients you would have in your kitchen: milk, eggs, sugar and rice, and no fake ingredients or fillers, I can feel good about quickly dishing up their pudding with zero work on my end. Right now chocolate is Jake’s favorite but they have several great options including one of my top choices, rice pudding. I still add that dollop of whip cream, but I also like to use pretzels for crunch or blueberries to get in a little extra fruit. I guess that’s why Kozy Shack is simply, “Pudding Made Right!”

Pudding Love

Do you share my #PuddingLove? What do you serve up as a quick fun treat?

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  1. Alli says

    I’ve never had that brand of pudding, but I will check it out. I love the silky smoothness of pudding and it’s a great summer dessert.

  2. Vera Sweeney says

    So I live on Long Island and am actually friends with someone who has made FLAVORS for Kozy and I used to get so many samples! Oh my word. One of my favorite companies. SO GOOD!!!

  3. lisalisa says

    Love the pictures, so cute! I wish I could get my kids to even try pudding. They just will not try it. :o)

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