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Silver Glass Gourds, Perfect for Fall

Antiqued glass gourds and pumpkins have been popping up in all my catalogs this year and I am loving the look.  They would be so pretty on a mantle or sideboard mixed in with other fall accessories.

I especially like the look of these Pottery Barn Antique Mercury Glass pumpkins, but they add up fast if you want more than one or two.  Although, every year I like to add a few nice things our growing collection of  Fall and Halloween decor so that rather than getting only disposable items, I’m making purchases that will last throughout the years.  Maybe this year, these will be the ones?

mercury glass pumpkin

I also think Wisteria has a pretty cute look-alikes, and at three for $39 the price tag is a little easier to justify.

What do you think of this decorating trend?  Do you like the glass pumpkins or do they leave you wishing for the real thing?


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