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Small Batch Baking, Fail

I love the idea of baking in quantities that don’t leave enough cookies on my counter to feed an army.  So, when a friend gifted me a cookbook all about baking in smaller batches I was so excited!  Sadly, the book sat on my bookshelf until Wednesday night when Shelby pulled it out and we decided on making Floyd a baby birthday cake (Yes, Shelby is back for a few weeks! Yay!).  I should have known it was not going to be my best endeavor when the recipe called to be baked in these:

Small Batch Baking

But I’m on optimist, so we forged ahead!  We mixed away fervently in tiny bowls with a tiny whisk…

Small Batch Baking

And sifted sugar for the frosting…

Small Batch Baking

And the end result actually looks semi-cute, but was WAY smaller than what I had in mind.  Then again I was cooking in cans, what did I expect?  The taste was ok, but nothing out of this world.  If I’m only going to savor a few bites I think they need to be sinfully delicious, don’t you?

Small Batch Baking

Small Batch Baking

I guess not everything’s a winner.  There are several other recipes in the book I may give a try including a chocolate baklava. Fingers crossed my next venture will be more tempting!  So, make me feel better…Have you spent hours on anything recently that didn’t quite pan out?  Any not so pretty DIY’s or dinners where you had to throw in the towel and order a pizza? Do tell…



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